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Plant medicine, access a better way.

We offer a higher standard of care for patients seeking plant medicine to improve health and well-being. We offer:

  • A team of dedicated Doctors including Medical Specialists
  • No eligibility screening – we’re focused on solutions to your problems, not just scripting
  • Express scripts – Our Advisory team liaise with the Doctor and organise your follow up scripts.
Welcome to Lullaby Health

Access a better way


Our doctors and specialists are highly qualified and many have held senior leadership positions in Australian hospitals.


We simplify the process of accessing plant medicine by arranging dispensing and discreet delivery.


Our clinical advisors provide ongoing help, support and advice to patients using plant medicine.

For Us, Caring Comes Naturally

For us, caring

At Lullaby Health, we offer far more than a prescription for plant medicine. Our goal is to create a solution for the difficulties each patient is facing, whether that’s anxiety, stress, pain, insomnia or PTSD, or finding a better way to manage the stresses and strains of daily life.

Good news, you haven’t tried everything!

Many patients have had a long and distressing journey to reach us, facing health problems and experiencing many obstacles to accessing care.

We know that takes its toll – which is why we take great care to nurture and support each patient with the best of our medical expertise and a better way to access plant medicine.

Who do we help?

Lullaby Health aims to help children, adults and seniors find relief from persistent and troubling health difficulties. Our skilled and experienced doctors will discuss your symptoms and recommend the right solutions for you. In some cases, that may include plant medicine.

Over the course of their careers, our doctors and specialists have developed special interests in supporting groups such as children, women and seniors or patients experiencing stress, anxiety or sleep disorders.

Access a better way

Uniquely, Lullaby Health offers care from both doctors (GPs) and medical specialists supported by clinical advisors, all highly trained and experienced in supporting patients through plant medicine.

That translates into an exceptionally high standard of care with timely access and ongoing support.

 Expert DoctorsMedical specialists
Who are they?GPs and other doctors are able to prescribe plant medicine.Our paediatrician, sleep physician, psychiatrist and other specialists.
Referral?No referral needed – book directlyReferral required – can be from your GP or specialist or from one of our doctors. Medicare rebates apply.
In-person or telehealth?In clinic or telehealthIn clinic or telehealth


per appointment


per appointment

(Medicare rebate means that the out-of-pocket fee is around $120).

Time spent with your doctorYou will spend at least 30 minutes with your doctor so they can understand more about you, your full medical history and which medications you have tried in the past, before deciding on the best treatment option for you.
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