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Join an innovative, solution-focused practice advancing the frontiers of medicine to support patients with complex health needs. Reach out to our Managing Director, Carene Kiss

GPs and specialists

Where do patients go when first-line treatments don’t provide relief? When they’re still battling troubling symptoms or dealing with treatment side effects that compromise their quality of life?

They come to us. And they could come to you.

At Lullaby Health, we delight in helping those patients access a better way. Our doctors evaluate, prescribe and provide ongoing support in liaison with a patient’s wider medical team.

Access a better way to work

Gone are the days when all work had to be done in the clinic.

We’re pleased to offer a choice of employment options, including telehealth, onsite work or a mix of both (depending on clinical need).

Onsite, you’ll be in our beautiful premises in sunny Erina, the commercial hub of the NSW Central Coast. Offsite, you can be wherever you like!

Reach out to our Managing Director, Carene

What do we offer?

We offer the chance to be part of a values-driven team providing creative solutions (including plant medicine) to patients in need.

Vibrant culture
Exceptional team of GPs and specialists
Professional development
A pipeline of patients
The Lullaby Way
Flexible working rhythms
New treatment frontiers
Mentoring and support
Work-life balance

Who are we looking for?

You’ll fit in well here if you:

Access a better onboarding process

We don’t drop you in the deep end and tell you to swim.

Our thorough onboarding process includes:

Reach out to our Managing Director, Carene

Dr Dev Banerjee
Dr Dev Banerjee


Meet Dr Dev Banerjee

Dr Dev Banerjee is a Sleep Physician with over 20 years of experience.

  • Medical director at Lullaby Health
  • Prior roles include: 
    • Sleep Physician with Service Lead in Birmingham UK
    • St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney
    • Woolcock Institute, University of Sydney. 

Dr Banerjee has been an Authorised Prescriber for plant medicine since August 2020 (NIIM approved).

Understanding the evidence

Dr Banerjee is one of Australia’s most experienced cannabinoid physicians. He has a detailed understanding of the emerging evidence and the TGA’s regulatory processes.

Each week, Dr Banerjee reviews recent evidence into plant medicine on his LinkedIn page.

Extracts from the week that was in plant medicine

THC flower vaporisation treats chronic pain – junk science?
The QUEST study – more QUESTions than answers?
Watch out for misleading headlines – a major rant about the latest BMJ paper

better Mentoring with Dr Banerjee

Dr Banerjee provides ongoing mentoring and support for all new staff through regular meetings where you may:

Next steps

As a Lullaby Health doctor, you’ll do far more than prescribe plant medicine. As a doctor here, you’ll provide much-needed solutions to patients with lengthy medical histories and complex needs.

If you’re a GP or specialist who’d like to experience the Lullaby Way, then please send your CV and cover letter to or call us on 1300 375 384.

Dr Dev